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Sneaker Release Dates Editor

Sneaker Release Dates Editor

The YNG team, is looking for a sneaker savvy editor to join the team as a Sneakers Release Dates Writer/Editor/Blogger

The ideal candidate should be proficient in sneaker knowledge but also possess a broader perspective on how 'kicks' fit into the pop-culture landscape. 

The most valuable qualities a candidate can bring to the table are: a strong voice, smart reporting strategies, fresh ideas, and an ability to consistently execute those ideas at a high level.


Editorial Responsibilities
  • Research popular trends in sneakers
  • Write at least one (1) to three (3) editorial posts about sneakers per day as needed
  • Manage new Release Dates Widget on Site
  • Manage Vendor/Boutique relationships to get the inside scoop on releases


  • Adding retailer eComm/Affiliate links for all applicable releases as they become available
  • Include Retailer Links in Editorial where appropriate after a release is available


How To Apply

To apply attach and email a PDF of your resume, a brief cover letter, and 2 writing samples to


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