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Aesthetics News Writer/Blogger

Aesthetics News Writer/Blogger

The YNG team, is looking for a journalist to join the team as a Aesthetics News Editor / Blogger.
The ideal candidate should have a strong awareness of their surroundings and should be able to critique design on a critical level. 
The most valuable qualities a candidate can bring to the table are: a strong voice, smart reporting strategies, fresh ideas, and an ability to consistently execute those ideas at a high level.


  • Produce daily content for YNG blog website
  • Communicate with news editor about daily stories
  • Be constantly on the lookout for breaking news and trends
  • Quickly report and analyze news related to design trends.
  • Commit approximately 3-4 hours during the workday to blogging
  •  Tireless work ethic, as well as an ability to work at the pace of the Internet while remaining levelheaded and detail-oriented
  • Ability to create content in a variety of formats, from reported stories to lists to Twitter roundups
  •  Knowledge of topics outside of fashion, and an interest in finding ways to cover fashion topics from a wide range of perspectives
  • Desire to push the envelope


How To Apply

To apply attach and email a PDF of your resume, a brief cover letter, and 2 writing samples to


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