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Last weekend, Trippie Redd, the sauce rap prince from Ohio, continued his ongoing beef with 6ix9ine (also known as Tekashi 6ix9ine and Tekashi 69), the Brooklyn-bred rapper he once called a friend.

Their feud turned violent on Saturday night when 18-year-old Trippie alleged he was punched in the lobby of his New York hotel by a person associated with the 21-year-old 6ix9ine.

The friction began back in August, when 6ix9ine was facing allegations that he’d been sexually involved with a 13-year-old girl. As a result, Trippie called him a pedophile and distanced himself from his one time associate.

Still the pair remain professionally-aligned, signed to the same label, Strainge Music, which is run by Elliot Grainge, the son of Universal Media Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Lucian Grainge.

Here’s a brief rundown of how their relationship has unfolded:

Early Summer, 2017: “Owee” and “Poles1469” videos

It was all good just a few months ago, when Trippie and Tekashi began gaining attention as two young artists affecting the look and sound of hip hop. Trippie was growing his following as he combined his demented Chucky from Child’s Play looks with a melodic, boundary-less flow. He followed the success of a series of mixtapes he released while living in Atlanta with the collection A Love Letter To You.

Meanwhile 6ix9ine was going all-out with his rainbow hair and teeth, plus huge face tats, establishing a visually confrontational appearance even before he starts yelling his rhymes at you. Though he had a limited amount of music out, his extreme videos and aesthetic attracted attention.

In an industry that rewards shock value, how could these guys not link? 6ix9ine appeared on two Trippie Redd songs and accompanying videos: “Poles1469” from A Love Letter to You and “Owee,” which also featured UnoTheActivist and a beat from ascendent producer Pi'erre Bourne. 

August 7, 2017: Denouncement

The Twitter account To Catch A Sound Cloud Rapper featured allegations made in an Instagram post from rapper ZillaKami, a one-time friend of 6ix9ine. In ZillaKami’s post, Tekashi is shown shirtless, his arms wrapped around a young woman seen wearing only a bra, who Zilla claims is 13 years old.

Tekashi responded with a Snapchat video, sarcastically agreeing with the accusation. Trippie then took to his Instagram to weigh in. “I’m sorry brozay, 1400 don’t promote pedophiles,” he said. “If we give niggas clout, we give niggas clout. It was an accident.”

Court documents later surfaced showing that a man named Daniel Hernandez pleaded guilty to three counts of sex with a minor. 6ix9ine’s given name is Daniel Hernandez, though the veracity of the allegations are still unknown and it hasn’t been proven that this particular Daniel Hernandez is 6ix9ine. In an Instagram video, 6ix9ine said if he were guilty, he’d be in jail.

October 8, 2017: “Gummo”

6ix9ine released the video for his song “Gummo.” Within weeks it notched more than 20 million views. The Pi’erre Bourne beat is a banger, but Bourne (best known for producing Playboi Carti's "Magnolia") indicated on social media he didn’t know his beat was going to be used for the song, and he wasn’t happy.

Bourne called both Trippie and 6ix9ine “opps” in a since-deleted Twitter post and repeated the comment on Instagram, saying, “Fuck that ‘Gummo’ shit.” The internet rumor mill claimed that Trippie was the one who originally passed the track to 6ix9ine.

In a sign that Trippie had possibly squashed his beef with 6ix9ine, Trippie liked the snippet of the video that Tekashi posted on Instagram and also left a comment with multiple “rock on” emojis and one red rose.

November 11, 2017: Tekashi Holding Hands

Trippie posted a photo of 6ix9ine holding hands with what appears to be another man, captioning it, “raaaaaaape gaaaaang/homo gang.” Though the exact nature of the hand-holding is unclear, Trippie’s intent was likely to expose 6ix9ine as a closeted homosexual or to somehow link that idea with the allegations that 6ix9ine has been sexually intimate with a minor.

November 11 to Today: Punches and Threats

In an Instagram video, Trippie detailed his attack in a New York hotel lobby by someone associated with Tekashi.

“Bro a bitch. Bro had niggas waiting for me at my hotel. Some Nine Trey [a New York set of the Bloods] niggas,” said Trippie, in the video. “Soon as I walk in the building, hit right in my mouth, nigga. Then my niggas beat his niggas’ asses and then they ran. I chased the niggas mostly myself, I ran them niggas down myself.”

6ix9ine confirms his involvement in the November 11th incident, saying that Trippie shouldn’t call people gay. Trippie responded by traveling to 6ix9ine’s Brooklyn neighborhood in an act of defiance. He even said he bumped “Gummo” outside of 6ix9ine’s mom’s house “with the straps out.” Trippie added that 6ix9ine is banned from Los Angeles and Atlanta. “Stop acting like you’re really about this life, bro. I gave you your hit. I made you, bro,” Trippie said in an Instagram story. “You cannot come to Atlanta and you cannot come to L.A.”

Later on, 6ix9ine went on IG live, maintaining that Trippie is a snitch for being public about the attack. "You can't be snitching, that's not gangster," he said.

Tekashi has also framed their dispute as an issue of bullying, writing on Instagram, “Tekashi don’t promote violence but the bully doesn’t live in NYC get out my city with that #icepack.”

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